Documents for claiming car repair of the insured for customers

documents required in support for claiming repair of the insured

1. notification of damage and contact card (original)

2. repair quotation document

3. receipt/cash receipt (original)

4. power of attorney (in case the car owner does not come in person)  |download

5. copy of citizen id cards of both grantor or grantee

   (with certified true copy signature + phone number + occupation of the citizen id card owner)

6. passbook (in case of the receipt of funds though banking system)

7. company certificate + signature of the persons with signatory authority of the company + and the company’s chairman

   (in case of juristic person)

8. form for car reimbursement claim  (with the signature of the recipient)  |download|        

9. pictures of car repair process (both during and after completion of the repair)

10. drive the car to the company after the repair is complete for check-up

11. return old spare parts (in case of replacement)

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